Total 3D Home, Landscape and Deck Premium Suite

Total 3D Home Landscape & Deck Premium Suite

Are you planning a home renovation and improvement? Do you want a beautiful home custom-built to satisfy the need of you and your loved ones? Total 3D Home Landscape & Deck Premium Suite will assist you to plan your new space and find out exactly what the final product will look like.

Even if you don’t have any prior expertise in home designing, you will love designing your space using Total 3D Home Landscape and Deck. This CAD application can help you in creating a new home, designing the interior, remodeling or enhancements, planning outside landscaping and garden designing. Once you get familiar with the several tools that this software provides, designing a new space will become pretty much easier and you will be surprised to see how powerful this application is.

Top Features:

  • Drag-and-drop Smart RoomBlocks
  • Step-by-step Guides and Video Tutorials
  • Import Your Own Plan or Browse 14,000 Samples
  • Import Digital Images of Furniture & Textures
  • 2,500+ Showcase Homes & Landscapes for Inspiration
  • Share Designs via E-mail
  • Design and Decorate Virtual rooms
  • 3D Decorations and Furnishings
  • Custom Windows, Doors, Floors, Carpets and Roofs
  • Paint Palette, plus Smart Color Coordinator
  • Complete Kitchen & Bath Remodeling
  • Instantly Generate Blueprints
  • 20,000 Brand-Name Product Catalog
  • Site Planning & Estimating Feature
  • Digitize Objects & Textures
  • Automatic Room & Wall Generators
  • Custom Wall Height, Width & Angles
  • 3D Patio & Deck Designer
  • Design outdoor entertainment spaces
  • Sunrise & sunset simulations

What Is: Total 3D Home Landscape & Deck Premium Suite

Total 3D Home Landscape & Deck Premium Suite is a robust architectural design software rich with all the features homeowners, designers and builders will need to remodel or build a new home inside and out. Previous design skills aren’t needed.

Whether you’re remodeling your home, redecorating your living space, creating an enchanting water garden, designing a stone garden pathway or designing your dream home from scratch, this Home Design Software has got all the tools and inspiration you need for a perfectly designed home.

Draw exterior walls, add various kinds of windows and doors, design your lawn or garden, add plants to your garden, Remodel the interiors, add paint or fabric colors, add different floorings, personalize countertops, redesign rooms, add light fixtures, and much more. From planning the exterior to interior to landscape, everything is possible with Total 3D Home Suite.

Total 3D Home Landscape & Deck Premium Suite: Features & Specifications

In case you’re trying to find an affordable home design software that will still enable you to plan and design your own space in a professional way, consider Total 3D Home Landscape & Deck Premium Suite. You may choose to obtain a PC disc or download the program online.

Total 3D Home Landscape and Deck Premium Suite has a huge range of sample home plans for you to get started, together with editable conventional room templates to furnish your home fast. This 3D home design software also boasts plant and object libraries, giving the user the full freedom to customize their home decor in a way they want.

It’s a great CAD software full of helpful features and realistic views. It’s a bit more challenging to use than other best home designing software which we reviewed, however, it’s all the resources for producing a fantastic landscaping, exterior, or interior design for a home. All types of sample designs, photographs, and a step-by-step manual are given with the software to assist you initially.

Together with all the drag and drop features provided by this program, you will have the ability to produce custom made spaces to make your vision come to life. As soon as you’ve got your rooms laid out, you will have the ability to use Total 3D to customize the finishings and layout furniture pieces. You can also pick custom colors, finishes, designs, patterns and texture for the flooring, rugs, countertops, cabinets, windows, and much more.

Huge Selection Of Home Plans & Objects Library

Total 3D Home Landscape and Deck Premium Suite is superior in terms of its features and libraries. The software includes a huge choice of sample home plans for you to get started, together with ideal room templates. The software contains plant and object libraries, which means it’s possible to personalize your home decor without any limits.

It has the biggest range of sample home plans than any other best home design software we’ve reviewed. You can choose from over 1,400 sample home models and garden plans to help you get started. These plans consist of single and double-level designs and vary from micro home plans of less than 1,000 square feet to luxury homes bigger than 3,500 square feet.

The program also offers a comprehensive idea gallery which you can peruse for ideas inspiration. The idea gallery contains photos depicting a variety of designs, like what you might see in an architecture magazine.

The numerous sample designs make this architectural design software stand out from the crowd. You may import your own plan or navigate over tens of thousands of sample plans. It is possible to look in and edit every one, and they function as a fantastic resource for ideas.

Switch Between 2D & 3D Views In Blueprint

If you have a physical floor plan that you need to use, or possibly a floor plan sketched on paper, then you can scan your plans and import them into Total 3D Home Landscape and Deck Premium Suite. Once you import your own plans, the software creates the blueprint of your sketch.

It is possible to change the view from 2D to 3D and edit the look of objects. But, modifying things in 3D is a bit complicated. It might take you a few hours of trial and error to determine how to do it efficiently, but after you figure it out it will seem a lot simpler to utilize the program.

Using 3D navigation programs, you can see your 3D home by dragging and clicking. The 3D rendering tool lets you see a digital sunrise throughout the shadows of items in the design. It lets you define your geographical location as well as the climate, which can be particularly beneficial when you’re in a spot with a great deal of snowfall and need to take into account the results of putting anything out which may be may be covered or possibly affected by snow.

Engage In Home Building With Unlimited Features

This program assists you through all the phases of designing and building a new home. You may use it to planning all aspects of your dream project – from the base to the plumbing and electrical work, roofing, to interior design features like cabinets and doors. You may also customize the landscaping for your home.

This program offers a huge variety of features that will assist you to produce your perfect space. It’s possible to add furniture products, design cabinets, customize flooring and countertops and much more. Along with the many 3D objects available from the library, you may even import your own objects to the design library to get a really customized design. A number of additional features provided by the software include ceilings, floors, and foundations. It is also possible to increase or lower floors set the height, and choose the ceiling type.

Additional Unique & Exciting Tools

Apart from the standard design tools, Total 3D Home Landscape & Deck Premium Suite features some cool additional tools as well. For instance, the program enables you to scan and trace a sketch of your dream living space, which you may then edit before it’s exactly what you desire. You could even import a photo of a floor plan and edit it from the program. In our testing and experience, we found this to be much better than that which the other top 10 home design software provided.

This program features an irrigation view that allows you to place outside pipes and sprinkler systems inside your design. This instrument may also be used inside the home so that you know where sewage and pipes should be placed for bathroom, laundry and kitchen facility designs. There are specific tools that allow you to place pipe and sewer systems in a suitable place for water centers.

It’s also possible to add ponds, pools, drives, paths and even more to your property. You are able to use the terrain resources to include slopes, hills and other topography for your yard.

Good Customer Support & Helpful Guides

Using Total 3D Home is a bit more challenging than the other best home design software we reviewed, but it has the tools for creating a fantastic landscaping design for their home. All types of sample designs, photographs, and a step-by-step manual are provided with the software to help beginners get started.

The guide is useful since you’ll have to construct your home step by step within the program to begin the design process. You have access to a lot of help options throughout the software. You can view video tutorials, research the step-by-step manual, and contact customer support via email or over the phone.

Compatibility & System Requirements

Microsoft® Windows® 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, or XP • 128 MB RAM; 256 MB Recommended • 1.8 GB free hard-disk space (Min. Install) • DVD Drive • SVGA 800×600 and higher display, High Color (16-bit) required; True Color (24 or 32-bit) supported • Printer support •Works with most black and white and color printers supported by Windows® • Optional •Internet connection • Scanner or digital camera needed to import photos into the product

Cost & Pricing

The latest version of Total 3D Home Landscape & Deck Premium Suite is priced at $30. You can either install the software by purchasing the PC Disc or download the software directly from the developer’s website. The $30 price tag makes this software rank among the cheapest and best in the top 10 home design software for 2019.

Final Verdict

Total 3D Home Landscape & Deck Premium Suite is an impressive home design software with so many unique features and tools. The program offers you infinite control over your designing project and ranks among one of the very best home design programs for 2019. Some significant advantages of this program are that it allows you to look in and edit thousands of sample designs for innovative preparation + you will find helpful features such as a tool that allows you to set sewer and pipe systems in a suitable spot for water facilities.

Even though it’s a good option within the $30 price label, it’s only drawback is that it’s not as easy to use as the top-rated products we reviewed. You’ve got to shell out a couple of hours playing with this tool before you get comfy with it. Once you get familiar with its mechanism, there’s a 100% guarantee that you will love it.

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