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Sweet Home 3D

Sweet Home 3D is a CAD software with thousands of models to produce 3D interior models, is quite simple to use, the interface so sleek and light, but there’s browser version that runs quite smooth also, it has excellent performance and does not require a top-end computer, the best thing about Sweet Home 3D is that the lightmap is simply wonderful, is quite affordable software, but so helpful!

The software is quite intuitive and is quite simple to use, even when you’re not yet an architect or do not have expertise in graphic design. It makes it very simple to design homes and bring your building plans to reality.

About Sweet Home 3D

Sweet Home 3D is architectural design software that helps one to quickly draw a floor plan of their residence, arrange furniture on it, and see the results in 3D. The shortage of advanced design tools makes it simpler to use than a number of the more complicated applications in the marketplace and best suited to.

It is the best entry-level CAD program for those who wish to design their very own home. It is an easy, one-window program that enables anyone, irrespective of design expertise to build a home plan in a couple of minutes. Although this application is not down to the last detail, it provides an excellent platform for people to get started with their “Basic” home design journey.

Sweet Home 3D: Features & Specifications

Sweet Home 3D is an architectural design software or CAD program that helps users produce a 2D plan of a home, with a 3D preview, also decorate the exterior and interior view.

In Sweet Home 3D, furniture could be imported and organized. In addition, it can be utilized for designing blueprints for homes. The software includes very basic features, which means it is a lot easier to use than a number of the more complicated programs.

  • Draw walls and rooms on one or more levels
  • Drag and drop doors, windows, and furniture from a catalog onto the plan
  • Update colors, texture, size and orientation of furniture and rooms
  • View all changes simultaneously in the 3D view
  • Create photo realistic images and videos with various light sources
  • Import additional 3D models and export the plan at various formats
  • Control sunlight effect according to the time of day and geographic location
  • Add furniture to the plan from a searchable and extensible catalog organized by categories such as kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, etc.
  • Design home plans for free with Sweet Home 3D distributed under GNU General Public License, even for commercial purposes.

Library & Gallery With Lots Of Useful Objects

There are almost 100 objects out there from the program’s library, together with 20+ plants and trees and plumbings fittings, lights, and bathtubs. This program lacks a roof wizard and it’s most appropriate for simple interior decorating or room modifications than creating a complete house plan. The software also provides access to an online gallery with sample plans that can be downloaded and uploaded into the program.

Simultaneous 2D & 3D Design Views

The most attractive feature of this software is a tool that lets you drag and drop the items into the 2D view, which you can simultaneously see in 3D in the split display. You may drop items to your 2D design and drag them where you need them inside the design. The split-screen format allows you to find the positioning of the item in 2D and 3D views simultaneously.

“Whilst designing the home in 2D, concurrently see it in 3D in an aerial view, or navigate into it from a virtual visitor perspective”

It provides a realistic perspective of what items will seem like even though you can not edit directly in 3D. Additionally, when you click the item you can readily alter the texture, color or material o that it best matches your design.

Limited Exterior Designs

As far as creating an exterior design is concerned, Sweet Home 3D is very limited. There’s little to no functionality beyond the four walls of your home. You will find tools for placing in pools and terrace furniture, but if it comes to items like handling the lawn’s topography and landscaping or designing an elaborate backyard –you are out of luck.

The fence designer is limited to one pole that you need to place separately. There are a few custom-made fencing design alternatives, but not nearly as numerous as the best home design software we’ve reviewed. There are tools to design decks using this app but it lacks the elegance and innovative tools which allow you to design a deck how you need it.

This app is missing a great deal of tools we search for in the best home design software, like a plant encyclopedia, landscape templates in addition to topography and deck designers.

Fast Performance

Sweet Home 3D is a basic program that’s extremely light on own pc’s resources. You don’t need to have a high-end computer to get this CAD software working. The software works perfectly on low-end computers, the performance is fast, and the overall designing process is smooth and lag-free.


Sweet Home 3D is available under two versions:

A FREE version – that comes with 100 pieces of furniture and 26 Textures
A $15 Paid Version – that comes with 1400 pieces of furniture and 418 textures

Compatibility & System Requirements

Sweet Home 3D is compatible with Windows 98 to Windows 10, Mac OS X 10.4 to 10.15, Linux and Solaris. Depending on whether Java is installed on your system or not, you may launch Sweet Home 3D with Java Web Start or its installer.

Minimum System Requirements:

  • 400 MHz Processor
  • 256 MB of RAM
  • Graphics Card

Final Verdict

Sweet Home 3D is freeware or the cheapest CAD program in the marketplace that is very easy to learn and use. It’s no replacement for a professional CAD application like Chief Architect’s Home Designer Pro and doesn’t perform exteriors, however, it does exactly what it’s advertised to do and does this quite well.

It’s a very simple program with an easy learning curve – perfect for quick interior design projects or room additions rather than complete home designs made from scratch. It’s a wonderful tool that allows you to drag and drop things to your 2D design whilst viewing the 3D equivalent in split-screen.

This a good basic Home Design Software, but it will not go into the advanced depths of interior or exterior designing.

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