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Home Designer Pro by Chief Architect

Home Designer Pro is a Home Design Software (CAD) from Chief Architect. It is a professional-range software for homeowners who wish to design their own home without breaking the budget and without taking the services of an architect or interior designer. This expert review here covers chief features of this software, what to expect, pricing, support, and verdict.

Best Features

DESIGN TOOLS – 2D Design, 3D Design, Space Planning Assistant, Convert Diagrams Into Objects, Multiple Select Editing, Object Painter and Eyedropper, Multiple Plan Views, Create 3D Objects from CAD Objects, Customer Watermarks

ADVANCED 3D TOOLS – 3D Viewer Expert, 360° Spherical Views, Rendering Controls w/ Full Control, Blend Colors, Day & Night Time Views, Sun Angles, 3D Navigation, Walk-throughs

COST ESTIMATION – Project Cost Estimation, Materials List

DIMENSIONING – Manual & Automatic Dimensioning

CAD/Elevations – Create Elevation, Create Wall Elevation, Create Cross Section Views, Create Rendered Elevation, Photo Realistic Textures, Styling

WINDOWS/DOORS/CABINETS – Choose or Modify texture, color, thickness, height. Make partitions, shelves, drawers. Choose styles and patterns


STAIRS/RAMPS/RAILINGS – Choose or Modify texture, color, thickness, height. Choose styles and patterns.

BUILDING TOOLS – Roof Generation, Foundations, Framing, Electrical, Multiple Story, Single Floor, Wall Types

LANDSCAPING/DECKING – Landscaping Plants, Plant Encyclopedia, Plant Chooser, Garden Beds, Grow Plants Slider till 20 Years, Stone Pathways

SUPPORT – Online Support, Contact Support, Email Support, Guide Videos

What Is Home Designer Pro?

Home Designer Pro is a 3D architectural software for DIY home enthusiasts. Enjoy the same sort of tools that professionals use for home design, interior design, outdoor design, remodeling, garden designing, landscaping, and cost estimation.

Home Designer Pro provides innovative design and intelligent construction tools to produce detailed construction drawings. Intended to assist the Do-It-Yourselfer (DIYer) create viable home and garden plans, this program has everything you want to professionally design a home without needing any prior experience in designing.

Home Designer Pro is a combo of all the features and tools utilized in the Home Designer lineup of home, interior, and landscaping design programs. It has got everything from floor plans and interior design tools to outdoor design and plant encyclopedias. There is nothing about your home’s physical manifestation which can not be placed in this program.

Home Designer Pro: Features & Specifications

Home Designer Pro provides innovative design and smart tools to produce detailed construction drawings. The CAD software makes it effortless to design and visualize your ideas with intelligent construction and innovative design tools. The tools have generally accepted defaults for buildings practices to help you in your home design projects.

You will find manual and automatic building tools such as woodworking, foundations, roofs, and stairs. Whether you’re making one room or an entire home, single floor plan or double-storey plan — Home Designer automatically creates a 3D model as soon as you draw your own walls. And, as soon as you’re in 3D you are able to continue design work — adding cupboards, painting walls, adding textures, or placing the furniture. Furthermore, a huge 3D Library of over 9,000+ architectural items makes it easy so that finishes, styles and other design details could be correctly visualized.

Home Designer includes a strong CAD software engine from Chief Architect which includes a range of tools that can be used with Floor Plans, Elevation Views, and construction drawings.

Get started fast with simple how-to videos offering step-by-step directions; and free technical assistance. All of Home Designer products come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Manual Tools with Full-Fledged Customizability

Home Designer Professional includes several manual construction tools and design tools to make advanced construction drawings with full-fledged customizability.

  • Manual Framing Tools: Home Designer Pro automatically creates fully editable framing such as joists, rafters, trusses, beams, posts, and much more. Pick from several framing types like timber, steel, or engineered substances.
  • Manual Roof Tools: You can begin with an automated roof, then personalize it to fit your requirements or start from scratch and then draw your own manual roof planes.
  • Manual Ceiling Planes: You can even draw your own custom made ceiling airplanes for technical designs.
  • Design Sheet: Produce scaled building files around 18″ x 24″ in dimension with 3D, CAD, cross‑section/altitude, and plan views.
  • Staircase Tools: Home Designer Pro unlocks complete charge of your curved or straight stairs’ contour, starter tread, tread width, and much more.
  • Wall Construction Tools: Customize the building of walls, floor arrangements, platform peaks, mudsills, framing, and much more.
  • Cabinet Tools: Create vertical and horizontal designs for drawers, doors, and appliances on almost any cabinet. Create vanity cupboards with doors on one side and drawers on the other. Place lighting and objects inside your cabinets and specify numerous latest styles for doors, drawers, and cabinet PVC or laminate sheets.
  • Advanced CAD Tools: Detail cross‑section perspectives with insulation, cross‑boxes, obstructing boxes, and much more.
  • Advanced Dimensioning Tools: Includes angular and point‑to‑point dimensioning tools. Adjust your preferences to immediately dimension to certain items and places.
  • Save Materials Lists: Save snapshots of your materials list at different phases of the project to assess and compare price differences.
  • Convert Polyline Tool: Produce 3D objects (such as Cabinets and countertops) from 2D CAD shapes.
  • Custom Watermarks: Create watermarks and exhibit them on your work. Control location, angle, size, and transparency. You can also add your company logo for better branding.
  • Terrain & Site Plans: Create plot plans, site plans, and terrain strategies to demonstrate the particular house location or redesign developments such as the lot boundaries, setback requirements, and additional information for your building requirements.

Getting Started

You can download Home Designer Pro from or buy the DVD. Setup is simple and merely takes 10-15 minutes to complete.

After jumping into the software, click on “Create New Plan” enables you to select a house style prior to anything else. This gets you thinking about what “look” you need for your new construction or exactly what style your constructed house might be – for example, Colonial, Country Cottage, Regional, Ranch Style, Victorian.

Once you have selected your style option, the program prompts you to make choices — for instance, pick a core catalog on your library, exterior siding, wall height, and thickness prior to construction. The house style you’ve chosen loads a range of default style options. Not to worry, however — those defaults may be altered at any moment.

Ease Of Use

When you open a new design sheet in Home Designer Pro, you will be welcomed with a blank white sheet. If this is the first experience with home design software, you may feel lost. But if you are also among those people who like to leap right into software like without reading the instructions or user manual, you won’t flounder around for a long time. A simple survey of the tool ribbon provides you a fairly general idea of how to get started with this software.

Finding your way around the application ends up simpler the more you try different things with it. Learning this software frequently feels like the adventure of studying a new video game. If you love assembling digital homes in a game like The Sims, this app will likely come quite naturally to you.

Virtually all of the tools you will use frequently are available from the main interface window. Whether you would like to put a wall, set an electric socket, place a bulb/fan or add a doorway or window, it only takes a few clicks to perform it. This offers the designing procedure an extremely compact feel, and as soon as you’re in the flow, building designs and creating plans comes quite naturally.

Also, granular tools for every single object on the program can be retrieved by right-clicking on them. This makes it effortless to alter things such as the properties of a wall, center a door or stairs, and calculate what materials are required to construct a specific room.

Get Complete Views Into Your Design

There are lots of ways to find out exactly what your design will look like in progress. You are able to switch between the conventional 2D bird-eye perspective, to a modern 3D appearance that will provide you a more realistic image of what it’ll look like when constructed.

In addition, you can choose a dollhouse view, which means that you can see the interior as well as the exterior – and the framing view, which allows you to view the design’s wooden skeleton. The program can produce a walk-through video, to show you precisely what walking out of the kitchen to your bedroom would look like.

As you make your design, the program keeps an inventory of all of the materials you will need to turn your dream building plan into reality. You can generate detailed material-reports on rooms, flooring, or the whole plan. This material-list not just breaks down all of the physical things you will need, but also estimate how far it is likely to cost.

Incredible Interior Designing Features

When it comes to interior designing, the CAD software walks you through a step-by-step wizard that asks fundamental questions like the number of floors, bedrooms, bathrooms, etc., you will need in your own design. Additionally, it asks for items such as decks, terraces, and laundry rooms. When you are done, the program puts down all of your rooms into your plans, which makes it simple for you to drag and drop where you want each to proceed. It is an excellent way to get you on board with the designing process.

Among the handiest interior design tools are furniture groupings. All these are prearranged furniture structures intended for certain room types. So, should you need some inspiration or a jumping-off stage for a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and much more, you may download the furniture grouping you like and simply drop it anywhere in your plan. This is an amazing way to quickly decorate a present room or decorate a custom made room around furniture items you like.

With Home Designer PRO, you can generate needed materials-list on rooms, flooring, or the entire plan. This material-list not just break down all of the physical things you are going to need, but also estimate how far it is likely to cost.

Chief Architect also makes it effortless to find some inspiration out of their library of sample plans. These plans vary from layouts for miniature houses and small bungalows to million-dollar mansion homes and bungalows. And they are entirely and easily customized and edited – a fantastic solution for those who don’t want to build everything from scratch.

Get The Best Detail For Your Plans

Part of what makes Chief Architect’s Home Designer Pro worth its price tag is the deepest level of detail you may apply to your plans. The counter cabinet designer tools are a prime example of this. Not just are you able to designate their dimensions and place but also drill down to exact measurements like countertop depth and overhang, in addition to backsplash height and toe kick thickness.

You get complete control over box structure, which means that you may set details like whether the box should be framed or frameless, and place drawer and door overlays. It is almost impossible to find this level of detail at any other consumer-level home design software!

Object Library

To supply your new home layout, Home Designer Pro comes packed with object libraries such as furniture, accessories, appliances, electronics, lighting and several other household things. The object library includes almost 9,000 items. Additionally, there is a brand-specific library with over 46,000 brand-name products you could download and drag and drop in your project. You can also import objects from various other sources. So, there is effectively no limitation on how detailed your strategy can be.

Advanced Landscaping Tools

Home Designer Pro is not just limited to interior designing. Using its landscaping tools, you can design all of the ground and gardens in your property. Personalize your terrain, place in slopes, hills, water fountains, garden pathways, and much more.

It also has a huge plant library so that you cannot just recreate what is on your own property but also experiment with different plants that you might choose to add in your garden. This program also offers a growth slider, which means you’re going to have the ability to find out what the plants will look like years from today.

The Plant Encyclopedia permits you to look for plants that are best suited to your backyard. The encyclopedia is reinforced by a library of tens of thousands of plant items that you can put on your design.

System Requirements & Compatibility

Despite loaded with hundreds of amazing features, Home Designer Pro functions smoothly on any computer purchased in the last few years. The software is compatible with both Windows and Mac. Here are the minimum system requirements for the smooth functioning of Home Designer Pro.

PC Minimum

  • Windows 64-bit 10 / 8 / 7
  • Multi-core processor
  • 4 GB of RAM
  • Video Card
  • 5 GB of available hard disk space
  • Internet access

Mac Minimum

  • High Sierra / Mojave
  • Multi-core processor
  • 4 GB of RAM
  • Video Card
  • 5 GB of available hard disk space
  • Internet access

*Supported video cards include dedicated video cards such as NVIDIA GeForce or AMD gaming cards or Intel integrated graphics Gen7.5/Haswell or newer.

Reliable Customer Support

Even though Chief Architect does a fantastic job at making home designing as simple as it can, it requires commitment and time to learn how to Home Designer Pro efficiently. To this end, Chief Architect provides over 120 training videos on their site. If you are a noob with no prior expertise in designing, you would be well-served to watch all of these training videos. The company also provides free training webinars and customer support via email or over the phone.


At $495, Home Designer Pro is an expensive investment but worth the price. That is because it features everything that falls beneath category Home Design – interior design, outdoor design, garden design. If you’d like optional control over every facet of your home layout, then it is well worth the investment. Fortunately, you can rent the software on $49 monthly.

But if you are just interested in basic home designing, Chief Architect includes just two lower-priced products that may fit your budget somewhat better. Home Designer Suite only costs $99, and Home Designer Architectural, only $199. These models have been pared down, but you are not going to get lots of the exact same powerful tools for organizing homes and designing chambers. However, you’ll eliminate access to more optional tools and possess fewer items on your item library to use on your layouts.

Final Verdict

Home Designer PRO is an excellent option, among the very best home design software options available in 2019/2020, particularly when you’re very intent on planning your new home down to its smallest details. It has got everything you need to make layout decorations, floor plans, gardens, stairs, kitchen, rooms, patios, cabinets and everything that you can imagine. All of the items your home has or possibly may have are contained within this program. You are only limited by your creativity and time dedication.

It might take some time to get familiar with the software, however considering all the help, tutorials, FAQs, and customer support available, there’s a 100% assurity that you will get instant answers to all your questions and develop expertise in using this software in a short period. With so many features to function with and a fantastic 3D rendering, this CAD software comes highly recommended if you would like to design your house.

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