DreamPlan Home Design Software

DreamPlan Home Design Software is a user-friendly program that permits you to make a 3D strategy of your prospective home, easily. It offers interesting features combined with 3D renditions, texture preferences and decorations. The program is quite easy to use, including multiple tabs corresponding to the operations you can play with, namely: Building, Exterior, Interior and Landscaping.

About DreamPlan Home

DreamPlan Home is a CAD or architectural design software that lets you design home and landscape.

The program comes with a straightforward designing process – allowing you to create a living space, build a home plan design from scratch or give a new look to your current living space by adding walls, storeys, furniture items, appliances, and other options. After your home design is ready, visualize it in 3D and learn how will it look in reality.

DreamPlan Home: Features & Specifications

DreamPlan Home Design Software is a user-friendly program whose chief role is to offer you the easiest way of developing a 3D plan of your home, in only a couple of steps. The CAD software is quite easy to use, including multiple tabs corresponding to the operations you may play with, namely: Building, Exterior, Interior and Landscaping.

Building with DreamPlan Home

In the ‘Building’ wizard of DreamPlan Home Design Software, you can create your house from scratch, adding partitions of almost any length or curve style you need and that will be automatically set in right angles by the program. The utility allows you to choose from three kinds of windows: Classic, Sliding, and Panel. You also have the liberty to add interior and exterior doors or door frames.

The software lets you opt for the ‘Floor Style’ from many accessible ‘Textures’, in your favorite style. In addition, you may add a ‘Roof’, with lots of design alternatives to pick from and fix its ‘Slope’ and ‘Eave’ levels. Last, but not least, you can paint the walls of your house in almost any color you desire.

Designing Exterior with DreamPlan Home

With the exterior design feature, you can add Plants, Lighting components, Paths, Furniture and other related accessories. In the same way, in the ‘Landscaping’ segment of DreamPlan Home Design Software, you can increase or lower the amount of the ground on a preferred radius and using a user-defined size.

Designing Interior with DreamPlan Home

In the Interior design wizard of DreamPlan Home, you can add different Carpets, Furniture Items (like seats, tables, sofas, or beds), Appliances (such as toaster, stoves, lamps, refrigerators), Electronics (like television set), Lighting items, Pipes components, and other ornamental things, such as fireplaces, blinds or mirrors.

Dedicated Roof Wizard

This architectural design software has a special tool called the roof wizard. When you choose where you need to draw the roof, the tool automatically connects the corners based on the endpoints you supply.

This tool is far simpler to work with than those other top 10 home design software we’ve reviewed, which normally create the roof to you and have you make edits. With DreamPlan, as soon as you have got the roof in place, it is possible to click it and alter the pitch or add items such as crossed gables or eaves.

A Small Objects Library

DreamPlan’s plant and object library is very small – at the time of writing this review, we found only 65 objects and six plants in the library. The program also does not permit you to import items from third party websites. However, one upside is that DreamPlan has expansion packages which you may download at no cost.

The second problem is that the software has just 1 sample house plan. But, you can import floor plans or trace your own.

Add Objects In 3D View

Many programs require that you edit in 2D view and convert the design to 3D, but this CAD enables you to draw partitions and add objects in the 3D view. It is the only application we reviewed with grid lines in the 3D perspective, which makes it easy to tell whether the wall or room you are adding is the correct size and matches your own space.

Features Overview

Home & Floor Plan Design

  • Switch between 3D, 2D, and blueprint view modes
  • Easily design floor plans of your new home
  • Easy-to-use interface for simple house planning creation and customization
  • Use trace mode to import existing floor plans

Landscape & Garden Design

  • Plant trees and gardens
  • Reshape the terrain of outdoor landscaping areas
  • Visualize your new outdoor swimming pool design
  • Download additional content to spruce up your outdoor living space
  • Import 3D models for content unique to your design
  • Design front gardens & plan backyard sanctuaries

Interior & Room Design

  • Include every detail in your kitchen design
  • Explore bathroom design ideas prior to building
  • Plan home decor with 3D furniture, fixtures, appliances and other decorations
  • Lay out and design your unfinished basement

Remodeling, Additions & Redesigning

  • Create walls, multiple stories, decks and roofs
  • Try colors and textures before you commit
  • Transform existing rooms
  • Import image files to create custom textures for wallpaper, floors & more

Customer Support

NCH, the program’s developer, has a dedicated support panel for DreamPlam Home users. There are sections related to FAQs and tutorials on its own website that normally answers all the basic and advanced queries. Also, instant Customer Support is available via telephone, but you’ve got to pay extra for this service, or contact via email to receive answers in 24 hours.

Compatibility & System Requirements

DreamPlan is compatible with both Mac and Windows.

System Requirements

  • Works on Windows 7, XP, Vista, 8, 8.1 and 10
  • Mac OS X 10.5 or above
  • 64 MB Video Card with Pixel Shader 2.0 support

Cost & Pricing

DreamPlan Home Design Software can be purchased with a lifetime license, priced at $35. However, the company is always ready for discounts and there’s a possibility of getting a 50% discount coupon by getting in touch with the developers via email or phone and requesting them for a favor.

Final Verdict

“A pretty basic Home Design Software for small tasks and jobs. With limited options in hand, you can easily and quickly – design or decorate any living space.”


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