Chief Architect Premier Home Design Software

Chief Architect Premier

Chief Architect Premier is a Home Design Software for all types of residential and light commercial design. As you draw walls and set architectural items such as windows and doors, this application automatically creates a 3D model and generates a materials list. With every design, the program also produces Building Documents with Site Plans, Framing Plans, Section Information, Elevations, and other details.

Best Features:

  • Packed with (A to Z) Building & Designing Tools
  • Interior, Outdoor, Landscaping, & Garden Designing
  • 3D Design and Modeling
  • 3D Rendering & Virtual Tour
  • Create Construction Documents
  • Create Professional Residential Drawings
  • Cost Estimation with Materials List
  • CAD Tools for Productivity & Precision
  • Site Planning, Terrain, Decks & Landscaping

About Chief Architect Premier

Chief Architect is a Home Design Software for the professional designing of homes residential and commercial buildings. Since the consumer is drawing constructions, like walls or objects round the construction, 3D renditions are created automatically. This means that the production procedure is focused more on manipulation rather than modeling.

The software also comes with a mobile 3D viewer that can be download for Android and iOS phones, thus enabling the consumers to export and discuss their 3D plans and embed them within their sites.

The program also generates a materials list as you design. This will save time as you will not have to write the list manually and also provides customers with the selection of changing the plan in the event their budget does not suffice.

Chief Architect Premier: Features & Specifications

Best suited for expert architects and home builders, Chief Architect Premier is possibly the most comprehensive and innovative home design software on the market. If budget isn’t a concern, it’s the best home design software in the market.

Chief Architect Premier is fully capable of managing all sorts of design projects, such as home and commercial. As you draw elements (e.g. partitions or walls), the program automatically generates a 3D model. It might bring in a list of materials and use effective construction tools to produce building records, full with the site and monitoring plans, framing measurements, section information, and elevations.

It’s also possible to explore 360-degree spherical views locally and from the cloud, in addition, to embedding them anywhere online.

With nearly unlimited options for everything from partitions and roofs to bases and possibly even electrical/HVAC systems, Chief Design Premier enables you to create advanced and complex home designs, together with minimal effort. The program comprises a massive catalog of 3D objects​ and enables you to import/export data in almost all formats.

Powerful Building and Design Tools

Use advanced building and design tools to quickly create plans based on conventional building practices and enjoy the efficient and productive design process. With Automatic and Manual Building tools, you can create many different Roofing styles, Stairs, Framing, Schedules, and Materials Lists, Purchase and Estimating, Dimensioning, Cross-Sections, Elevations.

Interior Design Tools

Chief Architect offers a full-fledged interior designing opportunity. Utilizing its advanced tools, you can design items, like cabinets or kitchen countertops in several styles, shapes, and dimensions. Chief Architect has also partnered with worldwide manufacturers (closets, appliances, doors, windows, countertops, and floors) so that styles, finishes and other product-specific design details could be correctly drawn and rendered.

3D Design and Modeling Tools

When you draw partitions, the program creates a 3D version and supports complete 3D editing. You can design in almost any view for easy and simultaneous editing involving 2D & 3D. Advanced rendering supplies both Photo Realistic and Artistic styles like Line Drawing and Watercolor. A broad 3D Library of architectural items and tools makes it simple to detail and decorate your own designs so that styles, finishes and other product-specific design details could be accurately rendered.

CAD Tools

Chief Architect includes a strong CAD software engine that includes tools such as lines, polylines, splines, arcs, and solids to create objects which vary from custom columns to deck ledger detail. Quickly manipulate objects with copy, align, replicate and replicate at particular periods. CAD-to-Walls application imports AutoCAD® documents and gives mapping for layers so that you can quickly see the model in 3D. You can also draw custom CAD details, import as DWG/DXF/PDF, or select from over 500 CAD details from the top SSA catalog to overlay in your design.

Plans Sets & Construction Drawings

3D renderings and virtual tours enable you to market the project and construction drawings help you define, permit and construct. All views in your construction project – Floor Plans, Framing, Section Details, and Elevations possess a user-defined scale and connect to a particular drawing that upgrades as your design changes. Layers control what screens for all those drawing pages to help create professional detailed construction drawings.

Site Planning, Decks & Landscaping

Chief Architect allows you to create site plans for single or several lots. You can import terrain data or create with the Terrain Modeling tools – terrain information can subsequently be utilized to get a 2D site plan or seen in 3D to show a specific topology. Roads, Sidewalks, Hills and Valley tools offer additional detail.

For Landscaping, there are over 4,000 plants with comprehensive information about each plant. With Hardiness Zone Maps, you can define a North pointer and seasonal preferences for both shadow effects and overlays. Decking tools include manual and automatic deck framing.

Largest Objects Library

There are thousands of things in Chief Architect Home Design Interior’s library, and also the materials library includes tens of thousands of things. You may select from a number of appliances, bathroom fittings, cabinets, doors, lights, sofas, and furniture items.

Further, this software contains a huge range of flooring options, light fixtures, walls, railings, as well as houseplants. Additionally, it has objects and materials to create a handicap-accessible home.

However, the library does not include outdoor furniture for yard, decks or patios. Since a lot of homeowners regard these spaces as very much part of the home, so it could be a drawback. However, this software has the 2nd biggest object library of those top 10 home design programs we’ve reviewed – the largest library is offered by Virtual Architect Ultimate.

Amazing Customization Options

You can create new rooms or additions by eliminating or adding partitions, doors, and windows. You can also redesign doors and windows in any style or fitting.

There’s a trace tool that permits you to build rooms over an image. Then, you can delete the picture and what stays is a 2D rendition of the room possible to decorate and view in 3D mode.

This program has an automatic floor program dimensioning and customizable space templates. In addition, it can plan for the practical sections of a design, such as heating, electrical, plumbing, water, and air conditioning components.

Additionally, you can add staircases with only a couple of clicks of the mouse and create curved walls to enhance the rooms that you design.

As you decorate a room, Home Designer Interior’s pre-arranged furniture groupings help you plan the living space. You may select from a number of furniture styles and add new accessories in a room.

If you prefer the color and texture onto a present piece of furniture or a different surface, you may use the eyedropper tool to sample it and then use it to any other item you want. Additionally, you are able to borrow colors and textures from sites and blend two borrowed colors until you have precisely the color you desire before you apply it to surfaces in your virtual home!

View Your Final Designs In 3D

Chief Architect Premier Home Design Software showcases your final designs in photorealistic, appealing 2D and 3D digital mock-ups. You can practically tour your virtual project with the 3D walkthrough feature and view your design from various angles and corners.

The software also offers exterior and interior lighting tools, that add much more depth to the final designs since they reveal where shadows fall. You can even adjust preferences so that the mirrors possess precise reflections and lights looks the way it’s in your real home.

Cost Estimator

Chief Architect provides you with a complete cost estimation report for your created design. You are able to perform calculations for cabinets, countertops, windows, carpeting, and hardwood using the materials which are available to you from the object’s library. Using that listing of the materials that you need along with the estimate of the costs, you will have a fantastic idea if your job fits in your budget before you begin building.

Customer Support

Home Designer Interiors has remarkable customer support in the event you encounter difficulties. There are tutorial videos and lots of how-to content as well as 24/7 community forums together with product training, hints and input from other customers that will assist you to get the most out of this software. Additionally, you are able to get immediate customer care through live chat and telephone.

Compatibility & System Requirements

Chief Architect Premier Home Design Software is compatible both with Mac and Windows.

PC Minimum Requirements

  • Windows 64-bit 10 / 8 / 7
  • Multi-core processor
  • 4 GB of memory
  • Video Card
  • 5 GB of available hard disk space
  • Internet access

Mac Minimum

  • High Sierra / Mojave / Catalina
  • Multi-core processor
  • 4 GB of memory
  • Video Card
  • 5 GB of available hard disk space
  • Internet access

*Supported video cards include (1) dedicated video cards such as NVIDIA GeForce or AMD gaming cards or (2) Intel integrated graphics Gen7.5/Haswell or newer.

Cost & Pricing

Chief Architect Premier is priced heavily at US $2,995 (lifetime license) or available at a monthly rent of US $199. It is the most expensive home design software, but 100% worth purchasing if you are looking to professionally design your space.

Final Verdict

The world’s most advanced and complex Home Design Software. Made for professionals, this home design software has got A-Z advanced designing features. Lacks Not even a single feature.

This home design software can help you update your home’s floor plan by simply integrating new walls and altering fittings, flooring materials, colors, and textures, amongst many other items. You may then see the results in 3D before making any radical changes to your real home. Also, of the Mac-compatible home design software we’ve reviewed, this one is undoubtedly the very best.

However, it has a steep learning curve, and you will have to go through the tutorials and need to dedicate several hours to learn to use it properly.

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